Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is it?

Autism is a severe developmental disorder which affects children's ability to communicate and interact with others. Children are born with this disorder and can be noticeable in the first 2 and 1/2 years of life. Children with autism start speaking later than other kids, have trouble talking about their feelings, and want to be alone most of the time. They also have obsessive habits, such as lining objects up in a straight line, and get upset by minor changes because they do not like changes in routines.

A "spectrum disorder" means that the disorder affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. Children with autism vary depending on causes, family, and treatment. Autism is a lifelong disorder, but fortunately, recent research on this disorder has increased a big deal in recent years. However, the number of children diagnosed with autism each year is rising rapidly. The issue of autism needs to be brought to closer awareness.

There is now a wide variety of treatment options, but currently no definite cure.